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We provide 360° solutions for planning & building your wealth to achieve your financial goals.

VBS Investments is a Registered Investment Advisory organization with SEBI that engages in providing investment advisory services and financial planning to individuals, families, foundations & organizations. We understand the need of growing with security & investing for wholesome returns.

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We always think from your perspective. Every financial matter is viewed from an empathetic understanding which is critical for our ability to provide the client’s solutions appropriate for his business. We prepare, recommend & implement customized plans which integrate a balance of investment management, asset protection & maximum benefit with risk coverage to the client.

While investments are complex, the solutions are always simple. Our expertise lies in our transparency in handling our clients and the benchmark we have set in doing so. It is often noticed that people find investments time consuming or complex and fail to ask the right questions to the right people as they do not understand it. Their knowledge on investments gets defined by their friends, relatives and acquaintances and what works for one need not work for others. This is where we step in and provide our expert advice with our focus solely being the maximum benefit for your investments. We are there for you for a long term relationship.

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Registered Investment Advisor with SEBI INA200012683

Registered Investment Advisor with SEBI INA200012683